jeudi 12 avril 2012

Inspired by Alice - flirt with the camera

I went to the photographer the other day to have an ID picture taken for Alice's first Kids ID. As I was concentrating on getting her on the chair in front of the white screen, she suddenly straightened her back (she can barely sit!!), lifted up her head and looked straight into the photographer's eyes. I looked up to see what was going on, right on time to catch her turning her head slightly to the right, then to the left and then to the right again with a lovely smile! As if she had learned to pose!!! The photographer told me he had never seen this in his whole career!

Result: a wonderful picture, you have the impression that Alice is flirting with you!

Do you have a picture of you where you look absolutely stunning and that charms the people who look at it? Lovely hair and makeup is by far not enough to get someone's attention! Think that it doesn't matter? First of all, one is asked more than one thinks for a picture: facebook, dating sites, ID card, passport, cv, ... These are all occasions to differentiate yourself from the mass. But more important still: knowing that you look good on a picture is amazing for your selfesteem!

Now what is the secret to looking charming and attractive on a picture? Look at the camera as if you were totally charmed by it, as if it were the man of your dreams and you were completely taken by him. Focus 100%, forget the rest of the world and give yourself totally. That exact same energy will transpire on your picture and work wonders!!!

Send me your picture on and you may win a personal makeup class!

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