lundi 16 avril 2012

Inspired by Alice - be imprevisible

Have you ever wondered why some women have men at their feet, tempting in every possible way to please them?
I noticed that my lovely daughter already knows the secret...

Every person she meets tries to get a smile out of her. It's like the cherry on the cake when a small baby smiles back and so people often smile extensively and demonstratively hoping to get that ultimate reward.

But do you think that there would be any fun in this game if this little princess would smile back each time? Oh no! And she knows that all too well. She just does it when SHE wants to, often enough to keep our hopes high but definitely not too much as to get bored of her.

This applies to our relationships as well. Too often women tend to give themselves completely, all the time. In the name of love. But as for all in life, moderation is the key. Keep him interested by staying imprevisible, make him work to get you and make sure that when you give of yourself, that you do so freely and completely so that the reward is worth the wait.

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